How to eat food: 5 tips to enjoy your food and eat healthy!

I know a lot of us out there eat in a hurry! I am guilty of this myself. It’s so hard with a busy lifestyle to sit down, enjoy a meal, enjoy company, and eat healthy! I wanted to created some tips from my experience on how to enjoy your food and eat healthy!

1. When you can, eat slowly: In America, we are used to eating fast and in a hurry. Most of the time it is grab something and go. When we eat fast we can’t listen to what our body is saying: Am I full? Do I even like what I am eating? Is it giving me energy? Is it making me feel sick? Eat slow. Listen to what your body is saying about the food you are eating. A lot of the times we could avoid getting sick or regretting what we ate if we just ate slow! You can also savor the food you know you like!

2. Don’t buy foods you will regret eating: When you go to the grocery store, buy things that you know will make you feel good, even foods that you can eat on the go. Get a Cliff Bar instead of a Chewy-chocolate chip- caramel- what have you granola bar. When you absolutely must go through a drive thru, get a salad, or yogurt. Skip the burger! I’m not saying it is never okay to indulge, but choose wisely!

3. When grocery shopping, don’t go into the aisles: I know this sounds really weird, but I once read everything you will need at a grocery store isn’t in the aisles. Meat, fruit, veggies, and dairy aren’t in aisles. Once you get into aisles, you’ll notice it’s mostly processed foods, which leads me to the next tip!

4. Avoid processed foods: If you look on the label and you can’t pronounce one of the ingredients, you shouldn’t eat it! For instance, High Fructose Corn Syrup is in processed foods. This ingredient makes you feel hungry even when your not and is known to make you tired. Pick whole foods that just are. What do I mean by that? A carrot is just a carrot. There is no other ingredient to that!

5. Eat at the table: Me and my husband are guilty of never eating at the table. We are always watching a movie while we eat… On the couch… Holding our own plates. My goal this school year is to eat at the table more! When you are eating at the table and talking, you can enjoy your food more, pay attention to your body, and company. When your watching t.v. or the road, your not paying attention to what your eating, which makes it easy to over eat!

I hope these help, they may seem overwhelming, choose one and make it a goal! Let me know how it works out or if you have any more tips